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Services Offered

*Gifted Testing

*Learning Disability Testing

*ADHD/ADD Assessments (adults and children)

*Psychological Testing

*Achievement Assessments

*Child, Adolescent, Adult, Family, and Group Therapy

*Personality Assessments

*Intelligence Assessments

*Marriage/Couple Counseling

Why choose us?

We know you have many choices in the community for high quality mental health

treatment and educational/psychological testing services. So why choose us?

1. You will find that with New Path, our services are competitively priced. We work very hard to keep our services as affordable as possible, and we also offer reduced fee options for families with low income.

2. Our providers—Dr. Anderton and Dr. Sandrik—are compassionate, experienced professionals. They are both licensed psychologists and are both mothers, and have had a wide range of personal and professional experiences that give them insight into complex or difficult situations. Dr. Anderton has had extensive experience providing evaluation and intervention services in public schools, and Dr. Sandrik has had extensive experience in hospitals and other community settings.

3. At New Path we strive to keep our evaluations as focused and practical as possible. We choose the most appropriate tests, we keep our testing process as efficient and streamlined as appropriate. We work evenings and Saturdays by appointment to meet the needs of busy families.

4. We provide a timely written report of the testing, often within a few business days of the completion of the evaluation. We meet with parents to explain the results in person, we provide a detailed report of the findings, and provide practical, focused recommendations and suggestions to address the referral concerns.

5. Our providers and staff are friendly, and never too busy to answer questions or return your call in a timely manner!